CALL FOR PORTFOLIO’S AND IDEAS 2022: Regional exhibition 2022


For the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Northern Photographic Centre (NPC) in Oulu, Finland, NŌUA from Bodø, Norway, have been invited to curate the anniversary exhibition. Throughout 2022, the program at the Northern Photographic Centre will celebrate the diversity and versatility of photography with a Northern twist.

The curators are looking to invite a selection of artists that perform their ideas and themes through the use of new methods of photography and lens based art. The curators would like to give focus to the voices of artists who incorporate cultural commentary into their practice, and in particular narratives that are prevalent in the Northern regions (although this is not a requirement). They wish to use the exhibition as a survey to examine what the artists are concerned with in their thematic approaches, and will present a curatorial approach rather than a pre-determined thematic path once the artists have been selected. The final selection of work and presentation of it will be done in dialogue between the selected artists, the curators and NPC. 

In the curators’ work towards the exhibition, artists are invited to participate in a Call for Portfolios, new ideas and works in progress. NPC will pay an artist fee for each selected artist and will cover the costs of transportation, artist accommodation and travel to the opening. Productions will be supported by NPC.


The portfolio call is open for artists living and/or working in Nordic, Barents and Baltic Regions, or working with topics from or in the regions, or in other ways identifying with the Northern regions. 

NPC advocates for equity within the field of contemporary photography. We are hoping to receive exhibition proposals from photographers belonging to a language, cultural or other minorities. Also, we encourage applications from diversity of genders and ages. We welcome work from individual artists, duos or collaborative projects. 

All information will be processed confidentially. 


New takes on the photographic message are emerging as interactions between politics, technology and culture are becoming more prevalent with photographic artists. With new emphasis on surface and process, artists are consciously manipulating the photographic process to create a discourse on cultural and social themes through the use of new technologies, chemicals, three dimensional interference, collages and text. The resulting photographic imagery is re-contextualised and re-interpreted. For the exhibition we are looking for artists working on a range of thematic approaches, that share an interest in challenging the process and the platforms in which photography is presented, as a deliberate act in order to question and highlight cultural and social narratives.

The curatorial theme and focus point of the exhibition will ultimately be determined by the works we receive from the call for portfolios and we are open for all takes on themes, issues and concepts concerning artists around the northern areas today.


NŌUA is an artist-driven institution for photography as contemporary art in Bodø, Norway. NŌUA collaborates with Norwegian and international artists, curators, writers and art historians to create a program that promotes conversations and innovative thinking around photography as contemporary art and presents relevant artistic productions and practices. Their program of lectures, exhibitions and artist talks is presented primarily in their space in Bodø, but often out of town and internationally in collaboration with external institutions. 

Through their public program, NŌUA wishes to promote relevant productions and innovative presentation of high-quality photographic art, with the idea that the public can actively participate in timely and relevant conversations about the issues and opportunities the photographic community is facing today.

NŌUA was established in 2017 by Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner.

Instagram: @atelier_noua


Name of curators: NŌUA / Marianne Bjørnmyr & Dan Mariner

Venue: Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu, Finland

Dates for exhibition: 10.9.–16.10.2022 opening on Friday 9.9.2022 5pm

Occasion: Northern Photographic Centre, Regional exhibition 2022 – 35 year anniversary 

Open call period 17.1.2021–28.2.2022

Artists profile:

  • Name, e-mail, phone number
  • Bio 
  • Download: CV and pdf. Portfolio with previous work/installation shots.
  • Link to webpage:
  • Link to Instagram:


  • Please enter images and installation shots (max. 3 projects) to the artcurator platform. The selection is based strongly on images. The portfolio is there to give a wider image of you/yours earlier works.
  • Short statement of the work (no more than 200 characters) 
  • It is possible to include links and pdf. files to emerge the project.

New ideas /  work in process / existing projects:

  • New ideas, work in process and existings projects are to submit as project proposals.
  • Please prepare visual research of your project idea. The visual research can contain text or proposed the theme of the project. 
  • Include short statement of the works. (no more than 200 characters)
  • It is possible to include links and pdf. files to emerge the project.

Enter your proposal in English here

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