PINO photobook event, launched in 2022, will take place at Cultural Centre Valve’s Paljetti cafe on Saturday 2 December from 12:00 to 16:00.

PINO23 brings together the photo artists and photographers of the region to present their own production and to sell their photobooks and prints. The main guests of the photo art book event are the winner of the 2022 Photobook Award Tekla Inari with her work Ida Uphill  and the visual artist Sebastian Reis, whose exhibition Sala Terrena is going to be exhibited at Photo North’s gallery starting from February 2024.

In Tekla Inari‘s work, Iida Uphill, poetry narration and picture narration are combined. The book pushes the limits of a photobook and expands the perception of what a photobook narrative can be like. The words printed on top of each other emphasize the sad visual observations of the work and the work moves on the edge of society, mental health and everything. The Photobook  Award winner  was chosen by art historian Anna Kortelainen and she describes the book as follows: “Iida Uphilli offers the reader the privilege of getting to know a kind of notebook of which  images and texts stimulate again and again. (…) None of the elements of the work is cryptic or repulsively turned inward, but each of them wants to create a connection with the reader. The whole is tied together by the convincing personality of the title character.”

The Finnish Photobook Award is an award given by the Association of Photographic Artists and the Finnish Museum of Photographic Art. The prize is awarded to an author of a meritorious photo book, and the goal of the award is to encourage authors of high-quality photo art books and to arouse interest in photo art books.

In the PINO23 event, visual artist Sebastian Reis approaches the photo art book as an art object. In Reis’s presentation, we get to know the artist’s practice and how he uses the book as part of his artistic practice. In his exhibitions, Reis combines elements of photography, painting and sculpture. He is interested in cultural-historical and art-historical events and the contradiction between monumentality and ephemerality. Res’s exhibition can be seen at the Photo North gallery from February 10 to April 7, 2024.

The event also introduces local works published in recent years. One of the guests is  journalist and writer Laura Juntunen with her book Subutex – kaupungin kasvatit. The story of the work is strengthened by the powerful photographs taken by the author herself. Photographer Keijo Laitala’s Kaiho photo art book is based on the melancholic street and nature photos of the northern winter; the black-and-white pictures depict the scarce light, wistful moods and quiet underbelly of Oulu’s winter. In addition, we get to dive into the joint process of photographer and writer when photographer Teija Soini presents the images in the publication Kulkijat.


12:00 Opening words
12:10 Tekla Inari, Photobook award winner 20222
13:00 Sebastian Reis
14:00 Keijo Laitala, Kaiho
14:30 Laura Juntunen, Subutex-kaupungin kasvatit
15:00 Teija Soini, Kulkijat

PINO23 event is free for everyone, welcome!