The Northern Photographic Centre’s Images of the Month exhibition program has been selected for 2022

Markku Karjalainen ripustamassa näyttelyään aulagalleriaan vuonna 2021.

In 2022, the Northern Photographic Center particularly encouraged minority photographers to apply for the Images of the Month program. The open call for the exhibition was strongly promoted in English so that the open call would be accessible to photographers of all languages. The open call interested photographer all over the world and almost half of the applications came from outside Finland. However, the exhibition jury sought to emphasize locality in its selections. A total of 30 applications were received for the 2022 exhibition open call.

A total of eight proposals were selected for the exhibition program for 2022. Inkeri Jäntti together with Inka Kuivamäki with their project tää ois, Mika Kiviniemi and Sirpa Heikkinen were selected from Oulu and photographer Susanna Selin from Southern Finland.

Northern Finland will be represented by Anssi Jokiranta from Rovaniemi and Atte Tolonen from Tornio. The international exhibition cavalcade was represented by the Dutch Charmaine de Heij.

The exhibition program for 2022 is thematically combined with personal experience and documentation.

The images in the Images of the Month programme were selected by Veera Uutinen, Chief Operating Officer of Fotonordic, Taija Jyrkäs, Producer of the Northern Photographic Center, Antti Tenetz, Executive Director, and Eriz Moreno, Visiting Curator. Eriz Moreno is a photographer from Oulu, Bilbao, Spain. His artistic work is mainly related to historical-political contexts and how they affect a particular population or region. The primary media used by Moreno are installations and / or photographic publications.

Image: Taija Jyrkäs, photographer Markku Karjalainen installing his exhibition at Lobby gallery.

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