PINO2023 photo book event will take place on December 2. from 12 to 16 at Cultural House Valve. 

The PINO photo book event, launched in 2022, will be held again in December 2023 at Culture House Valve’s Paljetti Cafe.

Through an open invitation, artists and photographers are invited to present their own photo books and  publications. Similarly to the event held in 2022, authors are offered the opportunity to present their own book-form  work in conversation with producer Taija Jyrkäs as part of the PINO stage program. 

At the event, it is also possible to sell your own books, small publications and postcards, either by bringing the books to the common sales table of Photo North, in which case a 20% commission will be deducted from the sale (VAT free price), or the author can reserve their own sales table for €20 for the duration of the event.
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