Photowalks continue in Heinäpää

Toppila Photo Walk -näyttelyn teoskuvat. Valokuvaaja (AT) Keijo Laitala, Oulu. 2024.

Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre invites residents living in Heinäpää and people who are fond about the place to be local guides to places that are important to them. There will be a series of photowalks, where visual artist Tuomo Kangasmaa will lead the participants into the world of viewing.

The monthly photowalks continue in Heinäpää. Photowalkers gather on Sunday March 10 at the Cultural Centre Valve lobby  and during walks, we look at the environment gently, critically and with new eyes. The photowalks will be compiled into a zine and an exhibition that will spread across the Heinäpää area in the winter 2024.

The goal is to reacquaint oneself with one’s surroundings. Do we see something with new eyes, are we more merciful or unmerciful? What the pictures tell about us and our environment.

The photowalks are co-produced by the City of Oulu Cultural Services and Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre.


10.3.2024 klo 12, Cultural Centre Valve

14.4.2024 klo 12, place  will be confirmed later 

22.5.2024 klo 18, place will be confirmed later 

16.6.2024 klo 12, place will be confirmed later 

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