Dialogue “Scene from a Violent Relationship” in Kenneth Bamberg’s exhibition Johan


A scene from a violent relationship. Why isn’t the man’s distress taken seriously? Why does he still stay?

Photo North – Northern Photography Center, gallery
Saturday 16th September at 3 PM
Friday 22nd September at 6 PM
Saturday 23rd September at 5 PM
Friday 10th November at 5 PM
Saturday 11th November at 5 PM

The dialogue will be presented three (3) times during the evening, with each performance lasting approximately 10-15 minutes.

Anna-Kaisa Kettunen is a theater expression director, musician, and producer originally from Kaustila, who works and lives in Oulu. Her specialty is theater music inspired by folk music. Kettunen works as a festival producer by profession and also as a freelance actor in Oulu theaters, such as Akseli Klonk and Teatteri Saaga.

Juho Ljokkoi is a long-time theater enthusiast who has acted in various plays and theater groups. Most recently, he appeared in Teatteri Sidoksen’s Naakka monologue, which was also part of the national monologue competition finals in Oulu in early 2023.

Kenneth Bamberg’s exhibition “Johan” at Photo North – Northern Photography Center’s gallery explores men’s experiences of violence in relationships. What are the cultural beliefs and structures that prevent men from showing their emotions and vulnerabilities? How seriously do authorities take physically and psychologically abused men? The exhibition is dedicated to Johan, a man whose former partner killed him before the completion of the exhibition.

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