Spring exhibitions at Photo North – Northern Photography Centre feature photographic sculptures, recorded performances, darkroom-printed analogue photographs and video works. The themes of the exhibitions highlight intersections of past and present, outline interlacing parallel worlds and reflect on the sense of place across spaces and environments.

The first exhibition of the spring season is Sebastian Reis‘ Sala Terrena, opening in February. In his works, Reis explores the emergence of images and objects and their cultural, historical and contemporary meanings. His works play with combinations of two-dimensional images and three-dimensional structures. At the same time, Leena Holmström‘s At the Kitchen Table, displayed in the foyer gallery, deals with silence. The exhibition consists of performative and staged self-portraits in which the artist processes memories and traumas of the body and mind that emerged after the death of her father.

Opening in April, the exhibition by the Finnish Darkroom Association at the Photo North main gallery brings together a range of analogue printmaking and darkroom processes and works. The exhibition is jointly curated by Photo North’s executive director and curator Darja Zaitsev and photographer Natalia Kopkina. Thematically, the exhibition explores water, flow, movement and the change in what current phenomena the analogue printmaking methods comment and reflect on through their materiality. The artists featured in the exhibition are Jenni HailiNatalia KopkinaPatrick KuoppamäkiKatri Lassila and Taru Samola. At the same time, parallel worlds are interpreted by Maria Rannanheimo in her exhibition Exploring Ways to Exist in These Interlacing Worldsin the foyer gallery. Through Rannanheimo’s works, the spectator can explore layers of worlds and intersections of time that become visible in random places and moments. The photographic and video works highlight life’s randomness and have a sense of non-presumption, offering space for alternative ways of being in the world. 

Opening mid-June, Toivo Heinimäki‘s exhibition Map of Fog II explores the artist’s sense of attachment to his hometown Helsinki. How can one become attached to a city when both its material and immaterial nature are in a state of constant, inevitable change? What good can change bring – and what small, commonplace yet beautiful things can be lost in the midst of large-scale, rapid change? In her summer exhibition in the foyer gallery, Paola Guzmán Figueroa deals with her personal experiences: what is it like to live thousands of kilometres away from her homeland and family. Through photographs and video works, Guzmán Figueroaexplores longing, existence, family dynamics and connection to the land. 

GALLERIA: Sebastian Reis, Sala Terrena
Opening 9.2.2024 klo 17

Foyer Gallery  Leena Holmström, At the kitchen table
Opening  9.2.2024 klo 17

GALLERIA: Virtaamaa Taiteilijat: Jenni Haili, Natalia Kopkina, Patrick Kuoppamäki, Katri Lassila & Taru Samola.
Opening  12.4.2024 klo 17

Aulagalleria: Maria Rannanheimo Exploring Ways to Exist in These Interlacing Worlds
Opening  12.4.2024 klo 17

GALLERIA: Toivo Heinimäki Map of Fog II
Opening  14.6.2024 klo 17

Aulagalleria: Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa Traveling through the lines of time
Opening  14.6.2024 klo 17

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