How can climate change be studied from space? The More Than One Understanding of Planet Earth project develops environmental literacy through space research, artistic practice and collaboration during 2022-2025. Artistic thinking, lense based art and perspectives combined with technologies and research are changing the world, open new horizons for individuals and communities struggling in a world affected by environmental and climate change.

During the project discussions, podcasts, seminars, publication, research, development laboratories and residencies for artists at Oulanka research station and Pyhäjärvi mine, leads to exhibition in Photo North – Northern Photography Center gallery 2024. Alongside project partners organize activities, labs, residencies, commission workshops around Europe and exhibition in Arts electronica 2023. The project is a prelude to the cultural capital year of Oulu in 2026.

More Than One Understanding of Planet Earth project combines satellite data, artistic research, citizen science and contemporary art photography. 

Other partners are Waag Society Netherlands, Ars Electronica -center Austria, Leonardo/Olats France, Makery France and Project Atol Slovenia. The local partners are the University of Oulu’s Oulanga research station and the Callio Lab research and testing organization operating in the Pyhäsalmi mine, the Kerttu Saalasti Institute, University of Oulu.

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