What kind of dreams could we have for the future?


In the Spheres podcast hosted by Photo North – Northern Photo Center, we talk about planetary images of climate change and consider possible futures. What kind of artistic and scientific approaches do we have to the past and the present? What dreams could we have about possible futures in times of climate change?

The first episode of the Spheres podcast of the More-than-Planet project presents the background of the project managed by Photo North – the Northern Photo Center, which started in 2022, and the relationship and dialogue between art and science. What kind of concrete questions, solutions and prospects for possible futures can research stations and artist residency cooperation bring to a world struggling in the midst of environmental change through locality? Through the podcast, listeners can get to know the activities of the Oulanka Research Station and the Callio Lab of the Pyhäsalmi mine with Riku Paavola, the director of the Oulanka research station, and Jari Joutsenvaara, the project director of the Callio Lab, and hear media artist and film director Minna Långström’s perspectives and background stories from her work The Other Side of Mars (2019).

The Spheres podcast of the More-than-Planet project is a three-part series on climate change and alternative futures. It is a door to a changing world, which uses the means of art and science to deal with global climate change through local phenomena and activities and the overall picture of the planet. The More-than-Planet project develops people’s environmental literacy, the ability to image and understand the environment and change through a comprehensive overall picture of the planet in the years 2022–2025.

The project has been granted Creative Europe funding with program ID No 101056238, as well as national matching funds from the City of Oulu and the Board of Education.

Listen to the episode (in Finnish)  here:


Moderator, Antti Tenetz, More-than-Planet project manager, Photo North – Northern Photo Center
Minna Långström, media artist, filmmaker
Riku Paavola, specialist researcher, station manager, Oulanga research station
Jari Joutsenvaara, Callio Lab research coordinator, Kerttu Saalasti Institute, University of Oulu

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